Who are we?

Together we can build the new economy


Impact Hub Amsterdam is part of the fast-growing global Impact Hub network of impact entrepreneurs and innovators with more than 17,000 members in over 100 cities around the world.

To make change happen, we facilitate entrepreneurial solutions to society’s biggest challenges. We give you access to a valuable network, as well as business expertise, resources and capital, organise events, host a collaborative working space, and run a series of accelerator
programs. We provide almost everything to move your entrepreneurial initiatives for a better world forward!

From our home at KIT - the Royal Tropical Institute - we welcome 10,000 guests, host more than 250 impact events and accelerate more than 150 enterprises each year. Since 2008, we’ve helped more than a thousand entrepreneurs to start, grow and scale their impact business.

If you want to change the status quo and business as usual, join our unique impact ecosystem of
entrepreneurs, investors, corporates, organisations, techies and creative minds who are committed to build a more just and sustainable world.

What we offer

Accelerator / Co-working / Events/ Community

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We offer an unique impact ecosystem to move entrepreneurial initiatives for a better world forward and change business as usual.

We give you: 

- accelerator programs,

- a co-working space, 

- 250 impact events a year,

- a strong community,

- access to a valuable network,

- resources and capital, 

- business expertise.

Join us

Current openings

Branding & Graphic Design Intern
Marketing & Communications
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
Hospitality Host
Events & Hospitality
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sales & Event Management stage
Events & Hospitality
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
Facilities Management & Hospitality Event stage
Events & Hospitality
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Our team

Meet our team

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Yeliz Mert
Community Catalyst
Thumb avatar 1525265128
Rutger de Rijk
Community Support
Thumb avatar 1479050180
Frederik van Droffelaar
Program Lead
Thumb avatar 1525265381
Manon Klein
Program Manager
Thumb avatar 1479050164
Ilse Kwaaitaal
Program Manager & Scout Lead
Thumb avatar 1525265960
Evan van der Holst
Program & Scouting Support
Thumb avatar 1479050191
Tatiana Glad
Co-Founder & Director
Thumb avatar 1479050180
Stijn Quast
Finance & Operations Lead
Thumb avatar 1525688744
Sabrina Dekkers
Financial Admin & Control
Thumb avatar 1525265109
Brecht Visser
Finance & Operations Support
Thumb avatar 1525265188
Henrike Slob
Marketing & Communications Lead
Thumb avatar 1525265136
Catalina Iorga
Content Manager
Thumb avatar 1525265112
Jennifer Duursma
Junior Graphic Designer
Thumb avatar 1479050171
Robert-Niels van Droffelaar
Events & Hospitality Lead
Thumb avatar 1525265131
Krisje Tellers
Event Sales & Business Developer
Thumb avatar 1525265121
Koen Vogel
Event Sales & Business Developer
Thumb avatar 1525265963
Eliza Hoek
Floor Manager
Thumb avatar 1525265154
Evelien Janson
Floor Manager
Thumb avatar 1525265124
Romee Erens
Floor Manager at Fashion for Good
Thumb avatar 1525265208
Loes Hilte
Hospitality Host


Oosterpark, Amsterdam

Impact Hub Amsterdam

Linnaeusstraat 2C